Ten years later, Juan and Maria are giving back!

How was school today?

For ten years (wow!) Roberti Community House has been a safe place for neighbors to be recognized and valued. This past year highlighted that in difficult times everyone needs support, a familiar face, a refuge.

Meet Juan and Mario who, along with their family, have grown with us for many years and rely on RCH to be their community rock.

Brothers Juan and Mario were regulars at RCH’s After School Program so twice a week they heard “I’m so glad you’re here! How was school today?” They received a warm meal, homework support and fun activities in a caring environment.

As with many families living in poverty, they had to move and could no longer walk to RCH. But last March, when the pandemic hit and finances became desperate, their mom knew she could turn to RCH for support. Since then, Roberti Community House has been pleased to provide weekly food boxes and daily lunches for this family.

And now our relationship has come full circle! Mario gives back his time and volunteers at RCH’s Summer Youth program; a friendly face and helper for other kids.