There are no strangers here

A place where

people feel


Supporting our Community

Community Support

Supporting each other by providing a safe and welcoming place.

Community Health Outreach

Partnering with the Illinois Department of Public Health. 

Community Support


— A Safe Place

The Roberti Community House has developed a very real sense of community. There are no strangers here. It has become a place where people feel safe, where they are able to talk about problems, share concerns and feel supported.


— Providing Support and Connecting People to Services

The needs of those who participate in programs/activities at RCH are varied, and sometimes quite personal. Consequently, we provide individualized support to those with special needs. This may include assistance with education, securing appropriate medical services, or assistance with a variety of housing needs.


— Community Education and Workshops

Roberti Community House offers monthly workshops that focus on a variety of subjects important to the community. Health professionals provide information on topics such as diabetes, asthma, and securing appropriate medical services. A licensed dietician offers workshops designed to encourage good health through the preparation of nutritional foods. Local educational personnel, the police, and various other community organizations also provide workshops on relevant topics.

Community Health Outreach

The Roberti Community House has partnered with the Illinois Department of Public Health and other health organizations and is recognized as a qualified community-based health center for education and outreach.


Families are referred to us by the Health Department and other social services agencies. We serve racial and ethnic minorities, people with limited English language proficiency, undocumented immigrants, and people living close to or below the federal poverty line.