Aidan felt a great bond volunteering at RCH.

Aidan volunteered his time!

Aidan volunteered his time at Roberti Community House this summer and felt and great sense of fulfillment. He gave back to the community, but equally as important, developed a deep bond with the people he worked with, whether it was the other volunteers at Roberti Culinary Pathway, or helping out with the kids in our Junior Chefs program.

Aidan said, “I want to thank you here for the opportunity for having me back this summer, I am extremely grateful for it. Thanks again for having me at Roberti Community House, and I hope to be back next summer!”

Pam Fisher, Volunteer Coordinator at the Roberti Community House told Aidan, “Your commitment and contributions this summer made a real difference – a difference in our ability to serve the community, and an impact on the kids you worked with. Thank you for sharing your time and talents. Your compassion for others shines through in all you do. We are grateful to work with you!”

To learn more about becoming a volunteer at the Roberti Community House click here.