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As the many programs offered by the Roberti Community House have helped neighbors gain hope for a better future and develop strategies where dreams can become real possibilities, the logical next step was to grab the opportunity to purchase a second house in the neighborhood, renovate it and launch the Roberti Culinary Pathway (RCP) to directly combat the poverty that is indigenous to this community. RCP is an ongoing nine-week full-time culinary training program.

The mission of Roberti Culinary Pathway is to provide adults, primarily residents in distressed areas of Lake County, with the professional skills necessary for a successful career in the foodservice industry.

As a pathway to a better future, completion of the program will enable the unemployed and under-employed to acquire the skills necessary to secure jobs with foodservice employers in local and surrounding communities.

The RCP program teaches not only all of the culinary components necessary for working in a kitchen,  but it also assists participants in the areas of developing self-confidence, working as part of a team, preparing a resume and practicing interview and interpersonal skills. Staff at RCP network with potential employers in order to help RCP graduates secure viable employment.

A very special component of the RCP program is that as the students are elevating their own skills, they are also given the opportunity to elevate the community by giving back through the RCP program.  All meals prepared at RCP are donated to the many groups that feed the area’s hungry. In addition to donating the meals prepared, the RCP training includes several days in which members of the community are invited to RCP to enjoy lunch in a restaurant-like atmosphere, during which the students hone their skills for preparing meals and serving actual “customers.”

Roberti Culinary Pathway’s first class started in January 2018 with professional chef Clay Erickson teaching a curriculum developed by a local executive chef trained at the Culinary Institute of America.

Roberti Community House and Roberti Culinary Pathway does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender,  age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations.

Culinary Program

When given the proper foundation, training and opportunity to achieve, anyone is capable of success. Our nine-week culinary and life skills training program provides all three of these essential elements.

The culinary curriculum has been created to provide hands-on learning for our students. Through classroom lessons, practical experience in our commercial-grade kitchen and various field trips provided by many generous partners, culinary skills and knowledge are developed that will prepare students for success in employment, education and their personal lives.

Each student of the Roberti Culinary Pathway is pre-qualified and accepted by a selection committee, based on completed application and two interviews. Upon completion of the nine-week program, students will earn the ANSI accredited Food Handler Certification. Teamwork and self-pride are heavily focused on throughout the program. Students will be evaluated regularly, and these evaluations will prove beneficial when introducing the students to potential employers.

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