Food Rescue and Mobilization

The Food Rescue and Mobilization (FRM) program is another way in which we nourish our community and neighbors. The mission of the Food Rescue and Mobilization program is to rescue, distribute, and connect with those in need of fresh produce.

We have been on the receiving end of over 80,000 pounds of rescued produce since program initiation in March of 2018. Fresh, but unused produce has been rescued and distributed from grocery stores, produce warehouses, local farmers, school greenhouses, community gardens, and more.

FRM works with Roberti Culinary Pathway to incorporate fresh, local produce in their curriculum which is then given out to the community in quantities of 40-50 meals a day. These meals are distributed to those in need and vulnerable groups.

We also work to share produce and meals with community partners, including food pantries, shelters, veterans groups, and senior citizens.

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