Outdoor Health Class

The best way to add exercise to your life is by doing it with a friend! RCH has organized twice-weekly group walks to encourage our community to get active. We will also improve our health and wellness with stretching and meditation.

Champions for Change

Learning made fun for the whole family!  These monthly workshops are designed to focus on promoting healthy eating habits through basic nutrition education and wholesome food selection.  The goal is to decrease illness, encourage wellness, and improve the quality of life for families.

 Yoga Classes – Adult & Youth10390916_583142068499053_894175748723127372_n

Using traditional yoga postures and breath awareness, yoga serves to build a participant’s strength, increase their self-esteem, reduce stress, promote flexibili
ty, and improve balance. Classes at the RCH focus on core strength and can accommodate all levels of participation. When needed, instruction is translated into Spanish so that each detail is easily understood and individuals are able to freely express themselves through the various postures. Two yoga classes are offered each week and yoga is also incorporated into the activities of the after-school program as well as the summer’s Junior Green Youth Farm.


Hand drumming has increasingly gained recognition for its role in contributing to the wellness movement. Playing drums is a Drummingphysical activity that brings together people of all ages and cultures. A drum is an instrument everyone can play – it is a medium of non-verbal communication – and it’s fun! The RCH offers monthly drumming sessions intended to increase individual well-being, reduce stress and provide neighbors with an opportunity to get to know one another better and to relate in new ways.