Sewing Classes


Sewing classes have proved to be extremely popular. Talented instructors have helped neighbors pursue a wide variety of projects. During the winter months, moms learned how to make “jammie pants” – and soon everyone in the family had a pair! The class has since moved on to becoming proficient at making skirts, dresses, blouses and other articles of clothing as well as undertaking various home improvement projects.

Teen/Tween Sewing Classes

Are you interested in designing and sewing a backpack, messenger bag, jacket for your dog or new clothes?
The sewing class offers a small group setting with 1 on 1 instruction to help you create your project. No experience is needed. You will pick the project that you want to make then learn how to use a sewing machine, pattern and sewing tools to create your project!
Note: Attendance at alteen_sewing_11_2015l classes is required to complete your project.