A Letter from

Maribeth Roberti


Welcome to our web site.  We appreciate your interest in the Roberti Community House (RCH) and the services we provide.

The RCH has now been open for three years and during that time we have continually expanded our programming and have helped make a genuine difference in the community.  Through farming the raised beds at the RCH and those at the nearby community garden, we have increased the availability of fresh produce for our neighbors.  Our healthy cooking and yoga classes have helped families incorporate good nutrition and exercise into their daily life.  Through summer “tastings” in the gardens both children and adults have discovered that fresh fruits and vegetables are not only good for you but that they taste great too!

We started with an after-school program that met every Thursday.  It was extremely popular, met a definite need, and this year we expanded to Tuesday afternoons as well.  We now have over seventy children in attendance each week.  Many of our dedicated volunteers have met with teachers at the nearby school and developed individualized educational plans for those they tutor.

I am especially pleased with the strong sense of community that we are developing at the RCH.  Mutual support and caring are hallmarks of the community house.  For instance, friends enthusiastically applauded a woman as she twirled about showing off the first dress she made.  We secured a safe place to live for a family that had been homeless and we helped a number of individuals secure appropriate medical care.  Older children have become mentors to younger ones and the roles of volunteer and neighbor are frequently interchangeable.  Together neighbors share family joys and troubles and mourn when there are losses.  We frequently gather as a community to celebrate birthdays and occasions such as Cinco de Mayo Day, the Junior Green Youth Farm’s Open House, Fall Harvest Festival, Mexican Independence Day, Halloween, and Christmas.

We hope that you will stay in touch with our progress through this web site and that you’ll “like us” on Facebook.

Maribeth Roberti

December, 2014

Encouraging the best in ourselves, our neighbors, and our community